American Ash

First described by Linnaeus in 1753, there are between 45 and 65 species[1] of Ash Tree native to North America, Northern Egypt, Asia, and Europe.

Ash trees are spectacular trees with great cultural significance and mystical beliefs in various aspects of human life. Ash is generally known as the “Tree of Life” as it’s believed to be the foundation of humanity from the past.

American Ash Tree Flowers

Depending on the genus, ash trees can reach heights ranging from 80 to 120 feet tall. They are typically deciduous, with alternate leaves and pinnate foliage.

American Ash Flowers

Some species, such as Fraxinus ornus, have cream-colored pinnate thread-like flowers, but several have wind-pollinated and insignificant flowers. The female flowers are not only dark purple but beautifully elongated, with no petals.

American Ash Tree

Ash trees belong to the Oleaceousor olive trees related to forsythia, lilac, and privet. Ash is a miraculous plant and represents many things related to success and humanity in the world.

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