African Boxwood

African Boxwood Flower

African Boxwood (Myrsine Africana) is native to the Himalayas, Africa, the Azores, and China. It is a medium-sized evergreen shrub that is ideal as a privacy hedge.

Its dark red erect stems are well covered with small, glossy, dark green aromatic leaves that block unwanted glances, creating an attractive border.

African Boxwood

African Boxwood is a round to broadly rounded small tree or shrub that can grow to around 12 to 15 feet tall, rarely more than 20 feet if left uncut or untouched. It is a dioecious plant[1] that features insignificant flowers.

Myrsine Africana

These shrubs also make an excellent plant for pruning or mowing! Enjoy the landscape while it puts on a show, as it matures, new growth emerges that turns red before turning into a deep, bright green.

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