Other Resources

    Audio Preparation Study Guide . Audio Learn Books

    The AudioLearn series is a highly effective test preparation tool for a number of postsecondary College admissions tests including MCAT DAT PCAT SAT Microbiology Pharmacy or CPA

    Authoritative Biodiversity Information on Interactive Scientific Multimedia

    Authoritative Biodiversity Information on Interactive Scientific Multimedia on-line shop for interactive and authoritative CD-ROMs and DVDs on marine and freshwater biology, plants, fungi, terrestrial vertebrates and insects with monthly features and free demonstrations.

    Auto Insurance Specialist (Official web Site )

    If you are a proffessional Biologist recieve a 10% discount on your next purchase of auto insurance. We have selected a group of insurance carriers who provide discounts to biologist under the proffesional section of the quotation, put biologist and recieve a 10% discount.

    Backgrounds-Powerbacks® for PowerPoint®

    Creative backgrounds for Microsoft PowerPoint and other Presentation, Animation, Web and Video Programs. Images vary from basic/advanced to inspirational scenes and topics of social concerns.

    Bio-IT World Goes Digital

    Bio-IT World is a monthly magazien and website with this mission: Provide high-quality, focused information products designed to: advance biotech and pharmaceutical industry business success through effective utilization of bio-IT – including information technology, informatics and data-generating life sciences equipment/tools – through the life sciences R&D value chain.


    The BioChemLinks is a gateway to the best biology and chemistry educational resources on the Web.


    The aim of the project is for the first time in Russia to make a specialized portal on bioinformatics and biotechnologies. The portal is contains specialized sections for professionals, businessmen and investors, all interested people. We have undertaken the task of creating Russian analogue of biospace.com and would like to offer cooperation to everyone who is concerned with developing Russian biotechnologies.

    Bioinformatics and Computational Biology User Services

    An interface for genome analysis, genome annotation, and links to more resources. We conduct research and resource development in computational biology and bioinformatics. There are analysis resources and links for the biological research community; especially in genome research, genome annotation, gene identification, and protein structure analysis

    BioInformatics Corner

    This site provides a collection of useful links to gateways to WWW sites providing information, software (on-line or for download) and other useful facilities additional to or duplicated in the DNA, Protein or Plant pages. In addition to providing access to the sites a limited amount of information is provided for each site.

    Biology Legacy Site o’ Sites

    This site is an attempt to organize some of the biology sites on the web into a more usable and helpful resource. There are a lot of biology-oriented sites on the web (a search in Lycos found 64,000 pages with the word “bi ology” in them), and we tried our best to pick out the best ones under each category.