Intracytoplasmic staining for cytokines

    Protocol for intracytoplasmic staining of cytokines for FACS analysis.

    Making FITC and Biotin conjugates

    Quick and simple method for conjugating mAbs.

    Notes on Making Rat x Y3 Monoclonal Antibody Producing Hybridomas

    This note is not intended as a full protocol for making monoclonal antibodies, but is to give a few hints and tips for the use of Y3/Ag1.2.3. Generally speaking the methodology is similar to making murine (eg. with NS0) monoclonal antibodies, but there are a few critical differences

    Purification of Endotoxin Free mAbs

    The following method is recommended for purification of monoclonal antibodies produced by tissue culture (hollow fibre cartridges or roller cultures) for laboratory use.