Genetical Research

    Genetical Research is a prestigious, well-established journal which publishes original work of high quality and wide interest on all aspects of genetics. Major areas of research covered include population and quantitative genetics (both theoretical and experimental), QTL mapping, molecular and developmental genetics of eukaryotes.


    Homepage of the journal GENETICS. GENETICS accepts contributions that present the results of original research in genetics and related scientific disciplines. Although GENETICS is an official publication of the Genetics Society of America, membership in the Society is not required of contributors: publication in the journal is open to members and nonmembers alike.

    Genome Research

    The journal focuses on genome studies in all species, and presents research that provides or aids in genome-based analyses of biological processes. The journal represents a nexus point where genomic information, applications, and technology come together with biological information to create a more global understanding of all biological systems.


    New website giving information on the journal Comparative and Functional Genomics plus lots of other resources for the Genomics Community


    The goal of Genomics is the promotion of all facets of human/mouse genetic analysis. The scope of the journal is broad, and studies of other species that provide important insights into gene function in mouse/human will be considered. The editors welcome original, full-length, comprehensive, and timely papers that represent significant advances in our understanding of how genes function in normal and/or disease states.

    Human Genetics

    Human Genetics is a monthly journal publishing original and timely articles on all aspects of human genetics. The Journal welcomes articles in the areas of Gene structure and organization, Gene expression, Mutation detection and analysis, Physical mapping, Cytogenetics and Genomic Imaging, Genome structure and organisation, Disease association studies, Evolutionary genetics, Developmental genetics, Genotype-phenotype relationships, Molecular genetics of tumorigenesis.


    Immunogenetics publishes original full-length articles, brief communications, and reviews on research in the following areas: immunogenetics of cell interaction, immunogenetics of tissue differentiation and development, phylogeny of alloantigens and of immune response, genetic control of immune response and disease susceptibility, and genetics and biochemistry of alloantigens.

    Journal of Human Genetics

    The Journal of Human Genetics is a leading international journal publishing articles on human genetics, including medical genetics and human genome analysis.

    Mammalian Genome

    Mammalian Genome is devoted to studies of mammalian genomics and genetics, serving as a vehicle for the dissemination of work in the emerging field of functional genomics.

    Molecular and General Genetics

    MGG publishes original research and reviews in all areas of general and molecular genetics ­ developmental genetics, somatic cell genetics and genetic engineering ­ irrespective of the organism involved.