Annals of Human Genetics

    Founded in 1925 (and the first journal in its field) Annals of Human Genetics has a long-standing reputation for publishing work of high academic quality. It presents the results of original research directly concerned with human genetics or the application of scientific principles and techniques to any aspect of human inheritance.

    Annual Review of Genetics

    Homepage of the journal; Annual Review of Genetics.

    Behavior Genetics

    Behavior Genetics . the leading journal concerned with the genetic analysis of complex traits . is published in cooperation with the Behavior Genetics Association. Contributions from eminent international researchers focus on both the application of various genetic perspectives to the study of behavioral characteristics and the influence of behavioral differences on the genetic structure of populations.

    Biochemical Genetics

    Biochemical Genetics provides an essential link between the sciences of biology, chemistry, and genetics by offering an interdisciplinary forum for the discussion of new developments. Contributions deal with the molecular aspects of genetic variation and evolution, mutation, gene action and regulation, immunogenetics, somatic cell genetics, and nucleic acid function in heredity and development, and with the biochemical aspects of genetic defects.


    Eukaryotic chromosome structure and function, nuclear organization and function, molecular biology of eukaryotic genomes.

    Community Genetics

    Community Genetics is a unique new international forum for research in the expanding field of community genetics, an area of medical care responding to the explosion of developments in human genetics which impact both the individual and society.

    Current Genetics

    Current Genetics is an international journal devoted to the rapid publication of original articles of immediate importance on genetics of eukaryotes, with emphasis on yeasts, other fungi, protists and cell organelles. Papers on formal genetics will only be accepted if they contribute to the understanding of special genetic systems or give access to molecular approaches.

    Cytogenetics and Cell Genetics

    This journal is a leading forum for original research in mammalian cytogenetics and molecular genetics including gene cloning and sequencing, gene mapping, cancer genetics, comparative genetics, gene linkage, and related areas.

    Experimental and Clinical Immunogenetics

    While basic findings still constitute the main focus of this unique publication, increasing emphasis is being given to clinical concerns and other applications of the science of immunogenetics. Contributions from leading international research groups offer readers new experimental data on proteins of immunological relevance, the MHC of various species, and other cell surface antigens including blood group epitopes.

    Genes and Development

    Homepage for the journal Genes and Development. Genes & Development publishes research papers of general interest and biological significance in molecular biology, molecular genetics, and developmental biology.