Biological Educational Resources


    Tools and Resources for Biology and General Science.

    Biomolecular structures

    Animated tutorials on biomolecular structures.

    Biophysics and Structural Biology

    Biophysics and Structural Biology (B&SB) is an interdepartmental graduate program leading to the Ph.D. degree. The program trains students to do independent scientific research that uses approaches derived from the physical sciences to solve problems in molecular and cellular biology.

    Biophysics Textbook On-Line

    An on-going, collaborative, online project sponsored by the Biophysical Society.

    Bioscience discussion forum

    Bioscience discussion forum run by an international group of biology students. The site is run in english and wants to contribute to a more intense exchange of knowledge between students all over the world.

    Breast Cancer Week – source of Breast Cancer research

    Breast Cancer Week – The most comprehensive online source of Breast Cancer research, awareness and treatments.

    Canadian Bioinformatics Workshops is a bioinformatics resource portal and home of the Canadian Bioinformatics Workshops a bioinformatics training program at the post-graduate level to address the current shortage of trained Canadian bioinformaticians in both industry and academe.

    Carrefour BIODIDAC Home Page

    A bank of digital resources for teaching biology.

    Cell-Tissue-Human Body

    Educational aid for teachers and students of biology or medicine! One can learn there about the structure and function of the living cell, tissue and human body. It contains virtual reality animations, drawings and images enhancing the understanding of biological structures and processes.


    A complete and interactive repository of cellular information.