Biological Educational Resources

    Beginning Biochemistry

    Information source on biochemistry for high school biology students and educators, introductory guide, online support from Worthington Biochemical technical service.

    BIG 12 African Insects

    Many Entomologists have spent time discussing which are the most spectacular insects. We soon realized that to choose 5 or 6 would be too restrictive, and that more than 12 would be too many. This is a selection of 12 African insects chosen by members of the Biosystematic Interest Group (BIG) of the Entomological Society of Southern Africa.

    Biochemical Training

    Training of biochemistry in the Internet, main sections of biochemistry, task, tests, auxiliary tasks course of biochemistry for the students and physicians.

    Bioinformatics websites

    Comprehensive educational resource on Bioinformatics.


    The Interactive Web offers a host of exciting science education tools for biology students, teachers, and others interested in exploring complex subjects in a lively and enjoyable way.

    Biological Scientists Education Guide

    Research areas of study and related universities offering degrees that apply to a career as a biological scientist.

    Biology and Art: Related through the Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method

    This paper by educators Rosemary Plumstead and Donita Ellison considers the opposites of delicacy and power common to both the anatomical structure of the human hand and the composition of paleolithic cave paintings.

    Biology Online

    Biology Online offers biological information in the form of tutorials, diagrams links and an online dictionary. The site continues to covers cell biology, genetics, genetic engineering, homeostasis, selective breeding, freshwater ecology and much more

    BioMEDIA ASSOCIATES web site for biology education

    Highly visual galleries on biology topics such as microlife, animal structure, marine larvae and evolution along with mystery organism quizzes and downloadable teaching resources. The site also describes BioMEDIA’s video and CD-ROM learning resources.