Plant Physiology

    Divisions of Biology: Plant Physiology

    A conference on the rhizosphere, mycorrhizae, endophytes and brewing

    Plant microbial interactions: positive interactions in relation to crop production and utilisation, a conference at the University of Sunderland, UK.

    Advances in regulation of plant growth and development

    Book published in 1999, Prague, Czech republic.

    An Explanation of Plant Hormones

    This site proposes a broad theory on the role of plant hormones in plant life.

    Diagnostic Keys to Major Tree Fruit Diseases

    The diagnostic keys for deciduous tree fruit diseases were developed to aid field personnel in the identification of diseases that are common to the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. The keys are arranged to guide the user through a series of logically arranged statements describing symptoms and signs of fruit tree diseases.

    Electrophysiology and Electrofusion of Plant Protoplasts

    This site describs successful measurements for membrane potentials and action potentials of enzymatically isolated giant plant protoplasts and induction of electrofusion and its mechanisms.

    International Working Group on Plant Peroxidases (IWGPP)

    The unique purpose of the IWGPP is to bring together people working on the different aspects of plant peroxidases (biophysics, biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, physiology, industrial applications) in order to incite researchers to communicate with conviviality and efficiency, depending on their specific interest. The resulting network will provide specialists as well as beginners with a tool facilitating the rapide circulation of usefull informations.

    Introduction to plant propagation from cutting using rooting hormones.

    Plants propagated from cuttings (clonal) have the same characteristics asthe stock plant. Plant rooting hormones are used to obtain high qualityrooting in a short time. Rhizopon and IBA plant rooting hormones aredescribed with comprehensive technical support.


    The molecular biology of phytochrome-regulated plant growth and development in response to light – from UCLA.

    Plant – Microbe Metabolism

    Welcome to our site that will introduce you to some of the research in Biological Sciences at the University of Dundee. Our interests centre on the role of symbiotic nitrogen fixation in providing nitrogen for the growth and reproduction of a range of interesting and important plant species. Crucially we are interested to discover how nitrogen fixation is regulated to match the nitrogen requirements of the plant.