Biological Softwares


    Software package combining DNA/protein programs with oligonucleotide Data Base management.It is written multi-user and multi-group. However, it can be run on a single PC for single user.Features: DNA-editor, DNA with restriction enzymes, DNA with oligos, PCR tables, plasmid maps, linear maps, dotplot, alignments, ORF finding, translate, backtranslate, flow (virtual cloning), editors for data banks (oligos, structural DNA etc), online oligo ordering.

    AJ Design Software

    Provides various math, science and engineering freeware calculators. Calculators include geometric shapes, constant acceleration motion, ideal gas law, pipe flow, Reynolds Number, venturi meter and quadratic equation.

    American Medical Records, LLC

    Our leading EMR software is the simplest to implement and use while being cost efficient. Try out our free demo to see for yourself.


    A multi-functional biochemistry software package integrated with modules such as: Amino Acid Analysis, Building Block Sort, Digestion, Elemental Analysis, Mass Fragmentation, HPLC Retention Pattern, Isotopic Profile, Combinatorial Library, Molecular Weight, Sequence Parameters, Charge-pH Profile. The package can be downloaded at

    Analyse-it Clinical Method Evaluation software

    Clinical method validation & evaluation software for clinical & biomedical laboratories. Includes NCCLS & IFCC protocols, NCCLS & Altman-Bland bias-plots, Deming, Passing-Bablok & Kappa method comparison, NCCLS EP5-T2 imprecision, NCCLS EP6-P linearity, IFCC reference ranges, ROC curves, and sensitivity & specificity analysis. For more information and to download a free 30-day evaluation, visit

    Array Genetics Inc.

    Array Genetics specializes in bioinformatics software for analysis of proteomic information and data originating from DNA microarray screening.

    BioDOM Software

    Software harnessing the power of XML – currently focusing on XML parsing of legacy formats (PDB/SwissProt). Features ProtSuite – a package to compose a local data repository from web databases.

    BioKey – Taxonomic Key

    BioKey is an aid to the identification of taxa. Create generic sets of keys from the physical cahracteristics and habitat of taxa and use this information to best identify an unknown sample.


    BioMedCAChe is the new computer-aided chemistry software package designed specifically for bio- and medicinal chemists. The package aids researchers in discovering structure-activity relationships, optimizing leads by maximizing activity, and improving the prediction of bioavailability. The power of the package enables researchers to predict properties of compounds that have never been made or properties that have never been measured