Science Publishers

    Biological Science Publishers

    American Scientific Publishers

    American Scientific Publishers publish scientific, technical and medical books, journals and encyclopedias.

    Aquila Natural History Books

    International specialist booksellers of old and modern literature in all branches of the biological sciences

    Australian Insects, a natural history

    Australian Insects: A Natural History records the physical attributes and lifestyle developments that have made life on this continent possible for insects. It reveals worlds that we often glimpse at but rarely stop to consider.

    Faculty of 1000

    Faculty of 1000 is a revolutionary new online research service that will highlights and reviews the most interesting papers published in the biological sciences, based on the recommendations of a faculty of well over 1400 selected leading researchers.

    Goecke & Evers, Keltern

    We offer entomological literature (antiquarian, second hand, out-of-print and new. We publish books on Entomology (Butterflies of the World by Bauer & Frankenbach, Tierwelt Deutschlands (DAHL), Microlepidoptera Palaearctica.

    Horizon Scientific Press

    Books and other publications on molecular biology, microbiology, and biotechnology.

    IFIS Publishing (International Food Information Service)

    IFIS Publishing is a not-for-profit organization concerned with providing free and subscription-based food science information. IFIS Publishing produce the FSTA. – Food Science and Technology Abstracts. database . the largest and most respected database in its field, covering all aspects of food science, food technology and food-related human nutrition.

    Macmillan Ltd

    Macmillan is a global publishing group that serves a wide variety of markets. Although we were founded in the United Kingdom, today we publish for readers in Australia, Brazil, India, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, the USA, Zimbabwe and many other countries. Our commitment is to quality publishing, whatever market we serve. Nowadays, this may mean publishing online resources or e-books, or printed books and journals.

    MIT Knowledge Updates

    Knowledge Updates are educational briefings that offer clear, concise overviews of specialized topics in life sciences, science and engineering. Each Knowledge Update includes a video presentation from an MIT professor, supporting articles, and key industry information.


    OPULUS PRESS is an alternative high-tech, low-profit publishing house serving the international community by offering high-quality scientific literature at low prices.