Research Centers

    Genome Sequencing Center

    Genome Sequencing Center at Washington University School of Medicine.

    Genome Sequencing Centre Jena

    The Genome Sequencing Centre is a research department at the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology in Jena, Germany. Our purpose is to further the knowledge of genomes, particularly the human genome, through large scale sequencing and genetic analysis.

    Life Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

    The Life Sciences Division of ORNL presents our expertise in biomedical research. We pursue research and development to understand the impact of energy production and use on biological systems and human health.

    Northwest Fisheries Science Center

    The Northwest Fisheries Science Center is one of five research centers of NOAA Fisheries (the National Marine Fisheries Service), and is responsible for providing scientific and technical support for the management, conservation, and development of the Pacific Northwest region’s anadromous and marine fishery resources.

    Oxford Centre for Molecular Sciences

    OCMS research activities provide fundamental knowledge and understanding of the structure, function and reactivity of protein molecules. Methodological advances over the last decade offer not only the prospect of describing protein behaviour at atomic resolution in both structural and dynamic terms, but also the hope of consciously altering their properties, with consequent major benefits in human health and welfare.

    Research Computing Center at Harvard Medical School

    Welcome to the Research Computing Center’s WWW site. You will find here a wealth of information and tools which we hope will be helpful in your research and discovery endeavors!

    Samaritan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

    A company that has collaborated with Georgetown University to provide its research arm which is dedicated to saving lives by incubating breakthrough discovery for Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Cholesterol Reduction, HIV and Parkinson’s. Samaritan has an emerging patented pipeline, with one drug candidate Anticort(TM) completing Phase II human trials for HIV, two Predictive Medicine Diagnostics, Alzheimer’s and Breast Cancer and six preclinical drug candidates targeted within its disease focus.

    The Natural Historyt Museum Science Website

    The NHM Science departments form one of the world’s leading systematics and biodiversity research centres.

    The Sanger Centre

    The Sanger Centre is a genome research centre founded by the Wellcome Trust and the Medical Research Council. Our purpose is to further the knowledge of genomes, particularly through large scale sequencing and analysis.


    Test gene constructions on mouse and rabbits by investigation of production of recombinant protein in the produced transgenic animals, or to produce transgenic and/or chimeric mice as a model animals.