Mazus Flower

Mazus, a slow-growing perennial with delicate blue-violet flowers, is an excellent ground cover thanks to the creeping stalks. Use this perennial to smooth the space between stones in a patio or cover the ground along a gravel or cobblestone path.

Mazus Flower

In addition, as Mazu tolerates wet soils, it is suitable for rain gardens and other planting areas that are sometimes too wet for other ground covers. Also known as creeping mazus, Mazus reptans are native to the Asian Himalayan region. The Mazus genus has 30 known species[1] that are common in temperate and subtropical regions.

Mazus Flowering Plants

Mazus reptans usually grow up to 2-inches tall. It spreads through creeping stems that take root at nodes. It has narrow, light green leaves (up to 1 inch long) that form a dense and attractive carpet of leaves that remain green all year round.

Mazus Flowers

In warm winter weather, the foliage is evergreen. Small purplish-blue, tubular, two-lipped flowers with white and yellow markings appear in small clumps from late spring to early summer.

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