Online Tools

    Biology Online Tools

    Bioinformatic Harvester (C)

    Harvester. caches and cross-links public bioinformatic databases and prediction servers to provide fast access to protein specific bioinformatic information. Presently the following databases and servers are implemented: Uniprot/SWISSprot, ensEMBL, BLAST (NCBI), SOURCE, SMART, STRING, PSORT2, CDART, UniGene and SOSUI.


    Calculation and visualization of IR and Raman Spectra and 3D visualization of corresponding normal modes.

    Ensembl Human

    Ensembl is a joint project between EMBL-EBI and the Sanger Institute to develop a software system which produces and maintains automatic annotation on eukaryotic genomes. This website facilitates public access to this data by offering a web-based genome browser.


    GLYPEPS is an online tool with which is is able to decide from mass values whether a protein is glycosylated or not. The input is the mass values taken from MALDI spectrometry. Protein glycosylation is on of the most abundant form of covalent protein and lipid modification.


    A program for identifying coiled-coil-like regions in viral membrane-fusion proteins.

    MAGPIE Analysis of Completed Genomes

    Site providing analysis of completed genomes, including gene ontology assignments, phylogenetic distribution and protein domain searches. Link outs from genes to many other resources such as PubMed.


    Resource for analysis tools and databases related to MultiLocus Sequence Typing Data


    MycoKey is a synoptic internet based key for identification of fungal genera. All genera are illustrated with photographs of representative species.


    OrbVis is an online service for the calculation and 3D visualization of molecular orbitals. The service will visualize all MOs of any reseonable structure you create.


    PDB2MGIF is an online tool to convert 3D molecular structures (given in PDB structure format) into an animated GIF image. These animated images are very useful for biochemical educational tutorials on the web because no additional molecule viewer will be needed.See the gallery page for examples.