Culture media, for fungi and protists

    Some common Media, for fungi and protists.

    Dan Gottschling’s laboratory

    Dan Gottschling’s laboratory at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle presents a list of useful protocols used for studying Saccharomyces cerevisiae

    Experimental Protocols

    This page contains links to protocols useful for cyanobacterial research.

    Plasmids and Protocols

    Protocols from the Yeast Resource Center: Whole cell sample preparation for 2D Gel Analysis, Minium requirements for submission of protein samples for 2D gel analysis, Silver Stain Protocol, Requirements and details of procedures for submission of samples for Mass Spectrometric Analysis, InGel Digestion Protocols for Silver Stained Coomassie Stained Gels, How to clone 6000 ORFs, PCP primers for amplication of ORFs and re-PCRs, Vectors: pOBD2 and pOAD, Recombination Cloning Protocol.