Structural Biology

    Cells Tissues Organs

    ‘Cells Tissues Organs’, formerly ‘Acta Anatomica’, is a well-established journal offering rapid exchange of information gained from experimental and theoretical investigations on all aspects of the formation and transformation of biological structure. Starting in 1945 as a journal devoted to gross anatomy, histology and neuroanatomy, it has continually broadened its scope to also cover work from cell biology, developmental biology and neuroscience.


    The scope of Cytometry embraces all aspects of analytical cytology, which is defined broadly as characterization and measurement of cells and cellular constitutents for biological, diagnostic, and therapeutic purposes. It includes components of cytochemistry, cytophysics, cell biology, molecular biology, physiology, pathology, image analysis, statistics, instrumentation, clinical laboratory practice, and other relevant subjects.

    Diagnostic Cytopathology

    Diagnostic Cytopathology is intended to provide a forum for the exchange of information in the field of cytopathology, with special emphasis on the practical, clinical aspects of the discipline. The editors invite original scientific articles, as well as special review articles, feature articles, and letters to the editor, from laboratory professionals engaged in the practice of cytopathology.

    Journal of Morphology

    Journal of Morphology welcomes articles of original research in cytology, protozoology, embryology, and general morphology. Articles generally should not exceed thirty-two printed pages. Preliminary notices or articles of a purely taxonomic or ecological nature are not included. No paper which has already appeared will be accepted nor will simultaneous publications elsewhere be allowed.

    Journal of Structural Biology

    The Journal of Structural Biology publishes papers dealing with the structural analysis of living material at every level of organization by all methods that lead to an understanding of biological function in terms of molecular and super-molecular structure.