Photochemistry and Photobiology

    Journal publishes reports and reviews on current topics in photobiology and in biologically relevant photochemistry. Topics span the range from the primary interaction of light with molecules, cells, and tissue to the subsequent biological responses. Subjects include bioluminescence, biomedical spectroscopy, chronobiology, environmental photobiology, photomedicine, photochemistry and photophysics of biomolecules, photomorphogenesis, photoreception, photosensitization, photosynthesis et.c.

    Photosynthesis Research

    Photosynthesis Research covers all aspects of photosynthesis research, including, but not limited to, light absorption and emission, excitation energy transfer, primary photochemistry, model systems, membrane components, protein complexes, electron transport, photophosphorylation, carbon assimilation, regulatory phenomena, molecular biology, environmental and ecological aspects, photorespiration, and bacterial and algal photosynthesis.


    Photosynthetica is devoted to the investigation of photosynthesis. It combines the biochemical, biophysical and ecological approaches to the study of photosynthesis in plants. The journal carries specialized reviews on various fields of photosynthesis research.