Current Microbiology

    Current Microbiology offers a means of rapid publication of timely new information dealing with all aspects of microbial cells including prokaryotes and eukaryotes and, where appropriate, viruses. The topics included are general, medical, and applied microbiology and virology and span the disciplines of physiology, biochemistry, genetics, biotechnology, morphology, taxonomy, diagnostic methods, and immunology as applied to microorganisms.

    Enzyme and Microbial Technology

    Enzyme and Microbial Technology covers both basic and applied aspects in the use of enzymes, microbes and cells of mammalian or plant origin. This is the only journal that offers a truly unique forum for all inter-disciplinary elements of biotechnology: genetics, microbiology, enzymology, biochemistry, chemistry, agriculture and food science, fermentation, and biochemical and chemical engineering.

    Journal of Bacteriology

    The Journal of Bacteriology, established in 1916, keeps pace with the times by advancing and disseminating fundamental knowledge of bacteria and other microorganisms. Articles report on developments in fast-moving areas, making the journal invaluable reading for busy researchers.

    Journal of Clinical Microbiology

    The Journal of Clinical Microbiology publishes the most current research on the microbiological aspects of human and animal infections and infestations, with emphasis on their etiologic agents, diagnosis, and epidemiology.

    Journal of Industrial Microbiology & Biotechnology

    The Journal of Industrial Microbiology & Biotechnology (JIM&B) provides reviews and reports of original research in the specialized areas of theoretical and applied microbiology. All aspects relating to the study of microorganisms and the industrial application of microbiology are covered. JIM&B welcomes manuscripts on investigations in applied microbiology and industry and aims to keep microbiologists fully up-to-date with current research in this fast-moving area.

    Journal of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology

    The Journal of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology (JMMB) publishes high-quality primary research papers in all areas of molecular microbiology and molecular biotechnology. It also features written symposia on unified topics, timely reviews, minireviews, and a section devoted to correspondence and comments. JMMB provides a medium for the amalgamation of the disciplines of molecular microbiology and biotechnology in the genomics era.

    Medical Microbiology and Immunology

    Medical Microbiology and Immunology publishes articles on all aspects of the interrelationship between infectious agents and their hosts. Major topics covered by the journal are aspects of microbial and viral pathogenesis and the immunological host response to infections; contributions from other fields of microbiology, including mycology and parasitology, will also be considered.

    Microbiological Research

    Microbiological Research is an international journal whose charter is to publish original research papers and short communications on prokaryotic and eukaryotic micro-organisms. Special emphasis is given to publications on phytopathogens, soil and environmental microbiology and the biotechnology of food. Normally, however, papers of very specialized interest or descriptions of technical equipment are not included. Review papers and critical book reviews are also published.

    Microbiology (Mikrobiologiya)

    The journal Mikrobiologiya (Microbiology), founded in 1932, covers a wide range of problems in the areas of fundamental and applied microbiology. The journal publishes experimental and theoretical papers, reviews on modern trends in different fields of microbiological science, and short communications with descriptions of unusual observations. Attention is devoted to events in Russian and international science, reviews of new books are published.

    Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews

    Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews, formerly Microbiological Reviews, continues to be recognized as the definitive, broad-based review journal in the expanding disciplines of microbiology, immunology, and molecular and cellular biology.