Annual Review of Immunology

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    Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy

    Keeping readers informed of the latest research results in the fields of oncology and immunology has always been one of the main services provided by Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy. To make this service even more comprehensive, the scope of the journal was expanded to include more of the progres being made in the various fields of biology concerned with biological response modifiers.

    Cellular Immunology

    Cellular Immunology publishes original investigations concerned with the immunological activities of cells in experimental or clinical situations. The scope of the journal encompasses the broad area of in vitro and in vivo studies of cellular immune responses.

    Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory Immunology

    Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory Immunology publishes peer-reviewed articles, minireviews, case reports, and guest commentaries on a variety of topics related to clinical laboratory immunology. CDLI advances knowledge gained from assessment of all human immune responses, including indications for testing, methods used, and interpretation of results. CDLI has an impact factor of 1.243 according to the Institute for Scientific Information’s 1998 Journal Citation Report.

    Clinical Immunology

    Clinical Immunology (formerly Clinical Immunology and Immunopathology) is the official journal of the Clinical Immunology Society. Clinical Immunology publishes original research on the molecular and cellular bases of immunological disease. The journal also features short analytical reviews of timely topics in basic immunology, case reports, and letters to the editor.


    Immunity is a monthly journal which publishes research articles and reviews of general interest in the entire discipline of immunology. Immunity was founded in the belief that advances in molecular and cellular immunology have brought immunology to a point at which a journal of high quality should be able to provide a unifying intellectual view, but the mandate for Immunity is not restricted to any particular level of analysis or to any particular type of system.


    An international team of editors and scientific advisors maintain the high standard of quality set by Immunobiology since it first appeared in 1909. With contributions by prominent experts in the field, the journal is a focal point of scientific interest. Published research findings are a vital link between scientists and clinicians active at the experimental levels of immunobiology, serology, hematology, allergy, infectious diseases, transplantations, and nonspecific resistance.

    Infection and Immunity

    The journal covers a broad range of topics important to microbiologists, immunologists, epidemiologists, pathologists, and clinicians. Areas include infections caused by pathogenic bacteria, fungi, and parasites; mechanisms of pathogenicity and virulence factors such as toxins and microbial surface structures; factors involved in host resistance, inflammation, and susceptibility to infection; immunology of microbial infection; and development and evaluation of vaccines against pathogens.

    International Archives of Allergy and Immunology

    Now in its 51st year of publication, .International Archives of Allergy and Immunology. provides an important forum for all areas of modern molecular and cellular allergology and immunology. The journal guarantees fast dissemination of significant, complete and novel work. All submitted manuscripts will be peer-reviewed by at least two independent referees, with every effort made to maintain review time as short as possible.

    Russian Journal of Immunology

    WWW English version of Russian leading scientific journal in the fields of experimental and clinical immunology, including cell immunology, immunochemistry, immunogenetics, allergology, transplantation immunology, immunology of reproduction, neuroimmunology and some adjacent branches