Biology of the Neonate

    This highly respected and frequently cited journal is a prime source of information concerning developments in fetal and neonatal research. Original papers present laboratory findings from both human and animal studies covering the physiological and biochemical events taking place during the period leading up to and immediately following birth, whether full-term or premature.


    Development is a primary research journal providing an insight into mechanisms of plant and animal development, covering all aspects from molecular and cellular to tissue levels.

    Developmental Biology

    “Developmental Biology publishes original research on mechanisms of development, differentiation, and growth in animals and plants at the molecular, cellular,and genetic levels.”

    Developmental Dynamics

    Developmental Dynamics, an official publication of the American Association of Anatomists, provides a focus for communication among developmental biologists who study the emergence of form during animal development. The journal is an international forum for the exchange of novel and significant information gained from analytical and theoretical investigations on the mechanisms that control morphogenesis.

    Developmental Genetics

    Developmental Genetics publishes original research devoted to explorations of gene function and gene regulation during biological development. The journal welcomes contributions from researchers working on developmental genetics of microbes, plants, or animals, and utilizing genetical, molecular, physiological, or morphological approaches. Submitted manuscripts must be articles reporting completed, original, unpublished research.

    Developmental Neuroscience

    Developmental Neuroscience is a multidisciplinary journal publishing neuroscience papers covering all stages of invertebrate, vertebrate and human development. Prime emphasis is kept on basic experimental studies, but clinical work contributing to the understanding of mechanisms of normal and abnormal development is also presented. The journal thus provides valuable information for both physicians and biologists.

    Human Development

    Distinguished by its international recognition since 1958, .Human Development. publishes original reflective articles on all aspects of development throughout the human life span. Included are theoretical contributions, essays connecting research and methods with theory, commentaries and integrative reviews of literature in the behavioral and social sciences.