Abstracta Botanica

    Abstracta Botanica publishes papers in the field of plant ecology and taxonomy, with special emphasis on theoretical and analytical aspects. The editors hope that the journal is going to serve the needs of an increasing audience and will receive continuous support from researchers all around the world.

    Acta Phytogeographica Suecica

    Official organ of the Swedish Phytogeographical Society.

    Agricultural Chemistry

    The journal Agricultural Chemistry (Agrokhimiya) was founded in 1964. It publishes the results of theoretical and experimental studies and reviews on the current problems of soil chemistry and fertility, plant nutrition, application of fertilizers, plant protection and plant growth regulators, ecology, and ecotoxicology.

    American journal of Botany

    The AMERICAN JOURNAL OF BOTANY is an internationally recognized journal accepting refereed research papers on all aspects of plant biology, published monthly since 1914. In addition to reports of original research in all areas of plant science, the Journal contains Rapid Communications, and Special Papers, which include reviews, critiques and analyses of controversial subjects.

    Annals of Botany

    Annals of Botany is a major international journal distributed monthly to 76 countries. Submissions of papers covering observational, experimental, or theoretical aspects of pure and applied plant science are welcome at our Editorial Offices in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia or Japan. The Journal covers all the major areas of plant science and publishes full length research papers, Short Communications, Review Articles and Book Reviews.

    Applied Vegetation Science

    The journal covers all current aspects of applied vegetation science, including phytosociology, vegetation theory, classification and ordination, pattern and process, structure and function, population ecology, ecophysiology, palaeoecology, plant geography and landscape ecology.

    Aquatic Botany

    The journal is concerned with fundamental studies on structure, function, dynamics and classification of plant-dominated aquatic ecosystems. It is also intended as an outlet for papers dealing with applied research on aquatic plants, including reports on the consequences of disturbance of aquatic ecosystems, the use of aquatic plants, conservation of resources and all aspects of plant production and decomposition.

    Australian Journal of Botany

    Work on all plant groups, including fossil plants, is published. The journal publishes in the areas of: ecology and ecophysiology; conservation biology and biodiversity; forest biology and management; cell biology and tissue culture; paleobotany; reproductive biology and genetics; mycology and pathology; and structure and development.

    Botanica Marina

    Botanica Marina covers the entire field of marine botany including marine microbiology and marine mycology. Its purpose is to disseminate original knowledge, to provide synopses of global or interdisciplinary interest, and to stress aspects of utilization.

    Botanical Electronic News (BEN)

    Home page of Botanical Electronic News.