Advances in Biophysics

    Advances in Biophysics is an international review journal published inhardback volumes. The individual reviews are critical and comprehensive,and are well-organized and well-documented contributions presenting a complete account of the particular author’s work on a specific topic. Most reviews are written in response to invitations by the Editor.


    This journal specializes in reporting original data on biological effects and applications of electromagnetic fields that range in frequency from zero hertz (static fields) to the terahertz undulations of visible light. Both experimental and clinical data are of interest to the journal’s readers as are theoretical papers or reviews that offer novel insights into or criticism of contemporary concepts and theories of field-body interactions.

    Biophysical Chemistry

    The journal publishes original letters and papers, mini-reviews, reports from meetings and special issues describing research on biological phenomena in terms of the principles and methods of physics and chemistry.

    Biophysical Journal

    Biophysical Journal publishes original articles, letters and reviews on biophysical topics, emphasizing the molecular and cellular aspects of biology.

    Biophysics (Russian)

    Biophysics covers a wide scope of problems related to the main physical mechanisms of processes taking place on different organization al levels in biosystems.

    European Biophysics Journal

    The journal publishes papers in the field of Biophysics, where Biophysics is defined as the study of biological phenomena by using physical methods and concepts. Original papers, reviews and Biophysics letters are published. The primary goal of this journal is to advance the understanding of biological structure and function by application of the principles of physical science, and by presenting the work in a biophysical context.

    Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics

    The official journal of the International Union for Pure and Applied Biophysics (IUPAB), Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics covers the whole field of biophysics, from ion channels to DNA topology and from X-ray diffraction to NMR.