Divisions of Biology: Radiobiology

    Biophysics and radiobiology department

    Site of the Biophysics and radiobiology department of Ukraine Academy of Sciences.

    Low Dose Radiation Research Program, U.S. Department of Energy

    This research program studies whether low dose and low dose-rate radiation presents a health risk to people that is the same as or greater than the health risk resulting from the oxidative by-products of normal physiological processes. This information is essential for future decisions made to protect people from adverse health risks from exposure to radiation.

    Radiobiology and Biotechnology

    Our laboratory studies a wide spectrum of subjects related to biotechnology, tissue engineering and radiobiology.

    Radiobiology and Protection

    This page was designed to assist Radiology students in researching Internet sources for Radiobiology and Protection information for projects required per the Radiological Technologies department at Dawson College, Montreal.

    United States Transuranium and Uranium Registries

    The Registries are a unique human tissue research program studying the distribution, dosimetry and possible biological effects of the actinide elements (e.g. plutonium, americium, uranium, thorium). Tissues are acquired postmortem from volunteer donors who have an established exposure to uranium, plutonium, americium or other actinide elements.