Anatomical Science International

    Anatomical Science International (formerly titled Kaibogaku Zasshi) is the official English journal of the Japanese Association of Anatomists, and publishes original research articles dealing with morphological sciences in animals and humans. Papers in any of the following fields will be considered: molecular cellular, histological and gross anatomical studies on normal and experimental animals and humans.

    Anatomy and Embryology

    Original articles and review articles on morphology and developmental biology of vertebrates, especially mammals.Anatomy and fine structure of tissues and organs; neuroanatomy; morphological techniques; embryology; developmental studies.

    Annals of Anatomy

    For more than one hundred years the Annals of Anatomy have been one of the most famous and widespread journals on morphology. The journal is open to original papers from the fields of anatomy, topographic and clinical anatomy, and embryology. Contributions dealing with various aspects of the microscopical and submicroscopical organization of biological structures including reports from the fields of comparative and experimental cell and tissue research are also published.

    Clinical Anatomy

    The goal of the journal is to provide a medium for the exchange of current information between anatomists and clinicians. This journal embraces anatomy in all its aspects.gross, histologic, developmental, and applied to medical practice. Furthermore, the journal assists physicians in keeping abreast of new methodologies for patient management and informs educators of new developments in clinical anatomy and teaching techniques

    The Anatomical Record

    The Anatomical Record is an official publication of the American Association of Anatomists whose purpose is to rapidly publish new discoveries in the morphological aspects of molecular, cellular, systems, and evolutionary biology. Emphasis will focus upon major new findings in the anatomical consequences of gene disruption, activation, or over expression upon cell, tissue, or organ architecture.