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Elephant Facts

Top 101 Elephant Facts For Kids

Elephants are the largest and heaviest animals on the planet earth. Here are top 101 elephant facts for kids categorized namely anatomy facts, family facts, diet facts, social life facts, 'sad-but-true' facts and some unusual fun facts.
How Long Do Bees Live?

How Long Do Bees Live?

Bees, like any other insects, live for quite some time. Find out how long does each type of bees live depending on the niche they play in the colony.
What do spiders eat?

What Do Spiders Eat?

Spiders are arthropods, classified in class Arachnida. Explore what do spiders eat, how often do spiders eat, what eats spiders & all spider diet-related info.
what do tigers eat?

What Do Tigers Eat? Explore Tiger Diets, Hunting & Eating Habits

Being in the top of the food chain, what do tigers eat in the wild? Explore the different tiger diet by their species from Siberian Tiger to Bengal Tiger.
Animals with best sensors

Top 11 Animals With Super Sensors

While it is known that humans have developed brains, here 11 animals with the best sensors (seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting and feeling) and the corresponding anatomical structures that allow them to have so.
What Do Beetles Eat?

What Do Beetles Eat?

Beetles are a group of insects under the order Coleoptera, the largest order of Class Insecta. In this article, learn about what do beetles eat in detail.
What do monkeys eat?

What Do Monkeys Eat?

Monkeys are divided into two groups; the Old World and New World monkeys. Explore what do monkeys eat, monkeys diet by types and what eats monkeys here.
Why Are Tigers Endangered

Why Are Tigers Endangered?

Tigers are considered to be one of the world’s most threatened animal species. Explore the reasons why these tigers are slowly decreasing in number & more.
What do bats eat?

What Do Bats Eat?

After rodents, bats are the 2nd most popular mammal species. Explore what do bats eat, when do bats eat, bats diet by types, what eats bats & how bats hunt.
What Do Chameleons Eat?

What Do Chameleons Eat?

Chameleons are unique animals considered to have originated from old world lizards. Learn what do chameleons eat by their types, how often & what eats them.

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