Lemur Monkeys

Golden Angwantibo

Species Name: Arctocebus aureus
The golden angwantibo is a strepsirrhine primate of the Lorisidae family. Bärenmaki, meaning "lemur bear," is the German name for the golden angwantibo due to its bear-like appearance. However, we see no resemblance.

Brumback’s Night Monkey

Species Name: Aotus brumbacki
is a nocturnal monkey species found in Colombia. Still, recently, it has been argued that it should be considered a separate species. The species gets its name in honor of the American naturalist and physician Roger Brumback.

Ahmanson’s Sportive Lemur

Species Name: Lepilemur ahmansonorum
Strictly nocturnal and primarily arboreal, Ahmanson's sportive lemurs move through the trees in long leaps, propelled by their powerful hind legs. Ahmanson's sportive lemurs are primarily solitary and defend their territory against invaders of the same sex.

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