Garden Flowers

Queen Anne’s Lace

Flower Type: Biennials
Queen Anne's lace flower looks like lace, and the flower often has a single purple dot in the center. Daucus carota is a biennial herb that belongs to the Apiaceae (carrot) family and is native to Southwest Asia and Europe. The genus includes about 47 species.

Quaking Grass

The quaking grass (Briza media) attracts attention in every garden with its dainty inflorescences. Also known as cowquake, quaking grass belongs to the Poaceae (grass) family. t is native to Europe, North America, and Asia Minor. There are between 22 and 31 species in the genus Briza.


Flower Type: Annuals
Purslane (Portulaca grandiflora) is a heat and drought tolerant annual plant native to the hot, arid plains of Uruguay, Argentina, and southern Brazil. Purslane is among the 3 most important species of portulaca. It has several common names, including rock rose, the sun rose, Mexican rose, eleven o'clock, and rose moss.

Pompom Chrysanthemum

Flower Type: Annuals
Pompom blooms are annual flowering plants better known as chrysanthemums. The flowers are known as pompoms because their fullness makes them look like the pompoms used by cheerleaders. Pompom flowers are native to China. Flowers are sometimes seen in ancient Chinese art.

Polianthes tuberosa

Flower Type: Perennials
Polianthes tuberosa, commonly known as tuberose, is possibly native to Mexico. It's considered iconic and has a long cultural history dating back to pre-Columbian times. The Agave genus (Agavaceae) includes about 200 species.


Flower Type: Shrubs/Trees
Pittosporum is one of many evergreen trees or shrubs primarily native to New Zealand and Australia, making up the Pittosporaceae family's Pittosporum genus. Also known as Australian laurel, Pittosporum is mainly planted as ornamental plants in temperate regions


Pansy is one of the first heralds of spring in gardens, but its ability to thrive in cold climates makes it a staple for fall planting and garden beds. Garden pansy (Viola × wittrockiana) is a large-flowered hybrid plant grown as a garden flower.

Painted Tongue

Flower Type: Annuals/Perennials
The relative of the petunia, the painted tongue (Salpiglossis sinuata), catches the eye with its spectacular trumpet-shaped blooms in shades of deep violet, gold, and magenta.

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